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North Bennet Street School
39 North Bennet Street
Boston, MA 02113
(617) 227-0155

North Bennet Street School

Located in Boston, Massachusetts, North Bennet Street School offers intensive, hands-on training in traditional trades and fine craftsmanship, helping students to achieve meaningful lives and livelihoods. For more than a century, the exceptional programs, master faculty and inspiring community have encouraged individual growth, curiosity, technical mastery and commitment to excellence. The school’s reputation for excellence and value attracts students from around the world.

The full-time programs, continuing education workshops and short courses provide a transformative experience for people who share a passion for materials, creative work and careers that employ hand skills to produce objects that last. NBSS offers a remarkable environment, where master craftsmen teach eight time-honored trades in full-time programs – bookbinding, cabinet and furniture making, carpentry, jewelry making and repair, locksmithing and security technology, piano technology, preservation carpentry, and violin making and repair – sharing their knowledge, talent, and enthusiasm with students.

Surrounding the full-time programs is a much wider community of individuals who care about traditional crafts and who desire to learn a new skill or perfect and expand an existing practice. Among this group are NBSS alumni, adult learners, children and teens. A wide range of workshops, short courses, lectures and exhibits are offered and are open to all.

North Bennet Street School partnered with three Massachusetts institutions to provide demonstrations and hands-on activities to complement their Four Centuries programs. At Concord Museum’s Family Day in November, NBSS artisans demonstrated techniques associated with William Munroe’s tall clock cabinets and led hands-on activities for kids. Between October and April, NBSS students, instructors and alumni visited Old Sturbridge Village to demonstrate and discuss furniture-making techniques including sand shading and decorative inlay. During the visits, they completed successive steps to make a Lombard-inspired candle stand, finishing the project at the end of the sessions.  Story boards and sample furniture legs made by NBSS students and instructors were available for visitors to explore. At Massachusetts Historical Society’s annual “Fenway Open our Doors” event October 14, 2013, NBSS artisans demonstrated carving and joinery techniques.

In addition to North Bennet Street School’s regular woodworking and furniture-making workshops, the school offered three workshops in early 2014 specifically designed to resonate with the Four Centuries project.  A week-long workshop was scheduled for NBSS providing an opportunity for amateur woodworkers to make a Lombard-inspired candle stand similar to the one being made at Old Sturbridge Village. An adult and child workshop to make a treasure chest and a two-day incised letter carving workshop were offered at Old Sturbridge Village.